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Ecolabel: Our Measures for the Environment

We have implemented measures to reduce our impact on the environment, including energy-efficient appliances and monitoring our water consumption. Help us make a difference!


During winter, room temperatures are set to 19°C from 06:30 to 22:30. You have thermostatic valves to adjust the temperature according to your preference (up to a maximum of 22°C). From 22:30 to 6:30, the heating is automatically turned off throughout the house. The bathrooms have separate heating units that you can adjust at any time.

Recycling and Anti-Waste Measures

On the landing outside your door you will find a container for recyclable packaging, which we empty every day. In your bathroom, there is a bin for packaging, non-recyclable items, or anything you prefer not to have in plain sight.

We sort food waste for composting or for our chickens. Untouched leftovers are repurposed for the next meal.

Reducing Waste

To minimise waste, we have opted not to provide individual servings of coffee and tea, nor disposable toiletries. In the bathroom, you will find a dispenser for shower gel and shampoo, as well as a handwash dispenser. Your room is equipped with a water carafe, glass, and cup for your use.

For breakfasts and guest meals, we use our vintage ceramic dishes and cutlery. There is no disposable tableware. Table napkins are made of fabric, and you will reuse your napkin during your stay. They will be changed every 3 days, along with bath towels, if you prefer.

Public transport

In the main entrance on the ground floor, you will find information about public transportation (buses). The train station is a 10-minute walk away with direct connections to Paris, Bordeaux, and the Basque Coast, as well as buses to nearby cities and villages. The simplest way: use Google to find the information you need or ask us directly!

Water hardness

As the water in Orthez is naturally hard (averaging 24.5 – source, we have chosen to use a water softener for the overall supply of potable water in the house. You might notice this especially during showers. A water softener helps to use less water for activities such as bathing.

No Smoking

We remind you that smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited inside the house (common areas and rooms) and while in the pool. It is allowed around the pool and in the garden. Please ensure that no one feels uncomfortable out of respect for other guests.

Alternative Transportation

To fully enjoy Orthez and its surroundings we can provide you with a bicycle (minimum 2 speeds) and a lock, subject to availability, during your stay for a deposit of €50.

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